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Hardwood floor is the best choice for asthmatics

Being diagnosed with asthma is not the end of the world but may require few adjustments to your accommodations to avoid triggering asthmatic response. What does it have to do with floor covering you may ask. Actually quite a lot. I used to have my floors covered with carpeting, which, however nice and cozy, tends to harbor dust and other nasties. I learned that hardwood floors are much better for people with my condition so I promptly decided on finding hardwood flooring contractors in Northbrook IL.  

Kazimierz and Son 
Expert Flooring

Great look and professional service

My choice fell on Teddy Flooring and it turned out to be a great decision. As I was replacing my floor covering on a quite short notice I wanted installation being affordable but yet of high quality, which was exactly what they offered. Moreover the guys from the company were very helpful with narrowing the available options to the one that suited me best, that is solid hardwood floor made of cherry wood. Not as durable as oak is nevertheless much cheaper and very elegant with its fine grain and reddish tones. On top of that with oil finish it has matte, soft look that gives my apartment that warm, homey feel, which I thought lost upon removing carpets.