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I have lived in my home for over forty years. Recently I decided it was time for new floors. Vacuuming carpets is not how I want to spend my retirement, I needed new hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring Skokie is a close community, and after talking to friends and neighbors, I called a few contractors for estimates. After speaking with each representative and carefully considering the estimates, I chose Jerry`s Flooring. We arranged a project schedule and they got started on schedule. The project was a big one and I had several other contractors working in my home at the same time. For hardwood floors Jerry`s was a smart choice and they did a great job.  

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Finished to Perfection
I am a detail oriented person, and after the hardwood flooring contractors left, I went over everything they had done with a fine toothed comb. It was impressive. All the work done to a high quality finish. I especially appreciated the edges and how well finished they were. The transitions from one flooring to another were very well done with new thresholds. The overall look was about as smooth and professional as it could be. I am truly a satisfied customer, and that is saying a lot. Normally I am a complainer, but these guys did a really good job. Hardwood flooring is now a topic of conversation when I have my friends over to experience how refreshed and clean my home is. Everyone is thrilled with the result as am I. The finish I chose for the wood is perfect, not too shiny or dull, but just right. I feel I made a wise decision to renovate my house, and the floor were the best change of all. Our area has an excellent contractor, Jerry`s is the place to find your new flooring plans fulfilled.

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