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Chimney tuckpointing Chicago | Fireplace repairs Chicago

How can you best prevent chimney masonry damage in the future? We provide varied preventive services that will assist in the protection of your chimney. The fact that water may harmfully cause damage to the mortar joints of your chimney and bricks is an important point to consider. We offer tailored flashing construction in addition to chimney cap sales, services in professional installation as well as chimney repair.

Both of these chimney components assist in making certain that rain , ice, and snow cannot enter the chimney opening on the roof of your home. We recommend getting your chimney professionally waterproofed through the building of a barrier to protect your whole chimney from water penetration. The formulas we use are 100% vapor permeable. This helps with erosion damage prevention for up to a decade. Safeguard your chimney’s safety and structural integrity. Get in touch with our company to make an appointment for tuckpointing services or any of our other professional chimney maintenance repair and work, including fireplace repairs Chicago.


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