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When it comes to your deck, you need to consider how you plan to spend your time on the deck. Decking is built with a purpose that suits your needs, whether an office for hosting clients or a leisure space for enjoyment. No matter what your deck will be used for, our deck builders Glen Ellyn are here to help you.

To roof or not to roof The porch should be treated as a living space as well, and when used frequently, it may be useful when it has a roof. Our deck builders Glen Ellyn would prefer allowing as much light to enter the space in the winter and therefore may choose to have a removable roof or one that allows more light through as fall approaches. Adding a roof during the deck building process will also protect it from the rain, making it even more valuable. You can place different furniture such as chairs and tables into a space with a roof. Decks should include a slope that dips away from the house. When puddles form beneath a building wall, it can cause damage to the wall itself. Water will roll right off any deck that has at least a 2% slope. The said percentage is sufficient to ensure the surface is not at risk of standing water. Knowing the level of groundwater rises can also be helpful. When the groundwater rises rather high, it can be good to install a foundation where the deck will be built. In this case, a slab terrace directly on the ground may not be a great idea for


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